Bring the entire family to Dr Danny Lamm’s Dental Studio for a dentist with a holistic approach to dentistry and for someone that genuinely cares about your overall health.

Dr Danny Lamm’s Dental Practice in Malvern East provides an environment suited for the whole family. Dr Lamm invites all patients to his practice including children, adolescents, adults and mature aged patients. It is his mission to maintain all of his patients’ overall health and wellbeing.

Children’s dentistry for the little ones…

We encourage parents to bring their children in from a young age to ensure they are comfortable and familiar with the practice. Conditions such as dental phobia and other dental fears can help to be avoided if your children have a positive and familiar perception of the dental office. At Dr Danny Lamm’s Dental Practice, toys are provided for children in the waiting room and we provide a caring and playful area for children before treatment.

Mature aged dental care for our patients…

At Dr Danny Lamm’s Dental Practice we have the opportunity to see all generations come through our Malvern East practice with continuing relationships for life. We provide an array of cosmetic, general, and restorative treatments for our mature patients and family units. We also provide oral sulrgery and TMJ treatments with patients suffering with jaw pain or tooth pain. For our older patients who require dental surgery or aged dental care solutions we offer treatments that are suited for you. To ensure your comfort we maintain the following practices:

  • We build relationships with our patients and see all generations come through our practice
  • Perfected dental skills in high profile practices in Melbourne and London
  • Warm and sensitive care for every patient
  • Thorough reports on dental conditions and treatment plans
  • Range of services to tailor to the patients needs

Holistic approach for your overall health and well being…

Recent practices of medicine with specialist practitioners like chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and naturopaths have provided an alternative treatment solution to conventional medical practices. Here at Dr Danny Lamm’s Dental Practice we consider your complete health and wellbeing for a holistic dental approach to your oral health needs. By applying a holistic approach to the dental industry we can provide our patients with treatment options that enrich our patients oral and overall health.

General dentistry is essential to your oral health…

At Dr Danny Lamm’s Dental Practice we will ensure that you maintain the health of your teeth for life, through preventive and general dental appointments you can help reduce your chances of future oral health problems.

We recommend that our patients see us twice a year, for a thorough examination and regular cleaning unless otherwise recommended for additional treatment or dental emergencies. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort between your regular checkup times you should come and see us to ensure your teeth are looked after.

Along with providing education on how to maintain hygiene at home, we provide general restorative, cosmetic and orthodontic options to maintain the health of all your natural teeth.

At Dr Danny Lamm’s Dental Practice in Malvern East we pride ourselves on the relationships we make with our patients. We encourage families to see us together and continue installing a positive perception of the dentist to our children. Preventive, general or otherwise treatment can help improve your over health, self-confidence and wellbeing. Ensure you are keeping you can your families oral health in check with regular appointments at Dr Danny Lamm’s Dental Practice,