Do you suffer from clicking jaws or pain when you bite or chew? You may be experiencing problems with the joint in your jaw…

The Tempromandibular Joint (TMJ) connects the jaw bone to the skull and is located from just below the ear. If you experience any pain, clicking, sensitivity or suffer from migraine headaches, you may suffer from a TMD disorder.

The TMJ joint operates in a ‘ball and socket’ movement and requires proper alignment of the muscles to function smoothly. The Tempromandibular Joints are there to help you chew, swallow and talk. Heightened stress on these areas may make these everyday movements a painful experience.

Thankfully, there are various relaxation treatments we can use to relax the TMJ joint back to its natural function. Dr Lamm is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of TMD to help aid in a fast recovery!

Contact us if you are suffering from any pain and discomfort in your jaw so we can have it back to normal today.