Holistic Dental Care For Every Member of the Family

As a family oriented dental practice, our patients include young children, teenagers, young adults, adults and seniors. We see our young patients grow to be young adults and our adult patients transition to be seniors. As the years go by, it is a wonderful experience to be caring for all members of a family.

Progressive and consistent care for your family’s dental needs has many benefits and the team at Dr Danny Lamm’s dental practice can provide all the necessary advice and professional expertise to prevent dental health issues today and into your future.

With a long term plan, a comprehensive understanding of your dental health and thorough record keeping, we can monitor and correct dental issues early thereby helping our patients keep their natural teeth longer, while also saving on future, complex and expensive dental services.

For young children, the first dentist visit can be overwhelming. We have a wonderful waiting room full of toys and books that make a young patient’s first visit less intimidating. Our team is trained in pediatric dental care and we can settle our young patient with ease.

Our Services:

  • Children’s oral health management
  • General dentistry for the whole family
  • Restorative and cosmetic dentistry for young adults, adults, and seniors
  • Oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal
  • TMD Treatment for problems associated with chewing or with clicking jaws

I Want a Beautiful Smile

The practice often hears from patients that they would love a perfect smile. With advances in dental procedures and technologies, adolescents, adults and seniors can benefit from tooth whitening and veneers. Talk to the team at Dr Danny Lamm today about available options to achieve your beautiful smile.

I Want to Fix My Teeth

When a patient asks about fixing their teeth we observe missing or chipped natural teeth and sometimes gum redness. Fixing teeth is often called dental restoration. Dental restoration includes bridges, orthodontics, periodontics and dental implants. As each patient is unique you should discuss your goals and dental concerns at your next consultation.

I want a Dentist who Understands Mature Age Dental Needs

As we get older, our teeth and gums change. Mature patients can expect a tailored dental program to meet their personal needs.

For holistic dental care you and to learn more about how we can help every member of your family keep a beautiful smile for life contact the team at Dr Danny Lamm’s dental practice.