The ability to see one dentist for all of your dental concerns can help patients save themselves time and money…

A comprehensive dentist refers to a dental professional that offers a variety of dental treatments including; cosmetic, restorative and even orthodontics. At Dr Danny Lamm Dental Surgeon in Malvern East, Melbourne your dental needs can all be taken care of under one roof. The team here at our Malvern East dental practice pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and trusting environment so that our patients can feel relaxed when visiting.

What is a comprehensive dentist?

Comprehensive dentistry approaches the dental profession from a holistic perspective. This approach ensures your dental needs can all be met with one doctor and one practice. While many dental professionals choose to specialise in one particular field of dentistry this means that as patients you become forced to visit a bunch of different medical professionals for each concern. With a comprehensive practice, you can have all your dental needs treated by the same team. The treatments offered include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

  • Dental Implants
  • Crowns, Bridges, Veneers
  • Tooth Coloured Fillings

Periodontal Care

General Dentistry

TMD Treatment

Oral Surgery


  • Invisalign

Building trustworthy relationships

Undergoing any sort of dental treatment requires some degree of trust towards your medical professional. Having the comfort of seeing the same dentist for multiple treatments along with general checkups allows patients to develop a relationship with their dentist. At Dr Danny Lamm Dental Surgeon in Malvern East our team treats our patients like family.

A dentist that cares

Prior to establishing the Malvern East clinic, Dr Danny Lamm established his world class dental skills in high-profile practices in around Melbourne and the UK. After participating in many professional development courses, Dr Danny Lamm prides himself on providing trustworthy, holistic and gentle care for all of his patients.

Dental Care for the whole family

Dental care is essential for everyone at any age, you are never too young or old too have a dental assessment here at our Melbourne practice. Dr Danny Lamm believes in maintaining healthy teeth for life and will work with patients throughout their lives to treat and correct their dental concerns. We can provide children’s oral health management and mature aged dental care for our elderly patients. The idea at Dr Danny Lamm is to take a holistic approach for the entire family.

Save yourself time and money

When looking for a new dentist or a dental professional who can help diagnose and treat your dental concerns this can be a troubling decision. By choosing a comprehensive dentist you can feel confident that all your dental needs will be cared for by one team. In the long run this takes away cost for consultation fees along with the time spent meeting with new dentists.

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