At our practice we work with tooth coloured fillings to fill cavities and restore your smile…

Composite resin fillings are a durable alternative to harsh amalgam fillings of the past.

Outdated amalgam fillings…

Amalgam fillings can lead to further damage and breakages in the tooth, as they require further removal of the natural tooth structure.

Durable bond…

As white composite fillings are bonded to the tooths surface in layers, they are a strong and durable alternative.

Restore teeth and secure a bright smile…

Tooth coloured composite, also known as tooth coloured fillings restore the function and aesthetics of the smile.

The many benefits of tooth coloured fillings include:

  • Matched to natural tooth colour
  • Bonded to the tooths surface
  • Durable and restore the tooths structure
  • Hardened and sealed instantly
  • Easily repaired
  • Won’t compromise aesthetics
  • When replacing amalgam fillings, will brighten the smile.

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